Polish Science Contact Agency “PolSCA”
of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Brussels

Forthcoming events

Previous events

31-03-2021 - PolSCA webinar series on Horizon Europe :: kick-off meeting
22-03-2021 - Webinar: International NCN call Weave-UNISONO
12-03-2021 - Meeting of the series "Discussions on Horizon in the PolSCA Office", topic: JPI Urban Europe
08-03-2021 - Webinar: international ERA-Net calls. NCBR's offer
19-02-2021 - Webinar: Brexit and scientific cooperation between PL-UK
05-02-2021 - Webinar: international ERA-Net / JPI programmes. NCN's offer
23-11-2020 - V4 Training - 2020 edition

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