Summary of V4 Training for Research Managers and Administrators – Spring 2024


11th-13th March 2024, Brussels

We have concluded the spring edition of the V4 Training for Research Project Managers, which ran from 11th to 13th March this year. Traditionally, it was a joint event organised in Brussels by the PolSCA Office together with the Czech Liaison Office for Education and Science (CZELO), the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in Hungary (NRDIO) and the Slovak Liaison Office for Research and Development (SLORD).

We hosted a total of 35 people, not only from the Visegrad Group countries but also from countries affiliated to IGLO (Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices), with Poland being represented by 7 research managers:

Maria Ciarka from the Space Research Centre, PAS
Kamila Plis from the Mammal Biology Institute, PAS
Magdalena Chomicka from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, PAS
Kinga Miłosz from the International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines, PAS
Dominika Butkiewicz from the International Centre for Research on Cancer Vaccines at the University of Gdańsk
Eliza Wawrzyn of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Industrial Chemistry
Monika Betlej from Wrocław University of Technology.

The participants had the opportunity to listen to speeches by EC representatives, experts from liaison offices and universities known for their great success in applying for and implementing European research projects. In addition, they participated in interactive sessions with their counterparts working in other countries, they also had the chance to practise public speaking and take part in a session on the EC’s project management methodology, PM2.

The training covered not only wide-ranging issues such as the structure of EU research programmes or the process of developing Work Programmes in Horizon Europe, but also practical information that can help research managers in Polish institutions: how to establish themselves on the European research market, how to use liaison offices, how to strengthen the competencies of research service offices, and how to prepare and settle projects financed on a lump sum basis. Participants were able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Belgian and Norwegian universities and their colleagues from V4 countries.