The Ulam Programme and Polish Returns – NAWA extends the deadline for submitting applications to 23rd April 2020!


The Ulam Programme and the Polish Returns programme – both funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange – are undoubtedly a big chance for individual scientists to develop their research career in Poland. It is also a great opportunity for Polish universities and Polish scientific and research institutes to increase their potential. Due to the fact that in both programs the application deadline has been extended to 23rd April 2020, we are providing you with the essential information about them.


Internationalization and strengthening the potential of Polish universities and scientific institutions are main objectives of the Ulam Programme which allows foreign researchers (non-Polish citizens) to develop their careers by establishing scientific cooperation with excellent host institutions in Poland. Polish universities and scientific/ research institutes have a chance to invite various specialists from all around the world who will significantly develop scientific research conducted by the hosting institution, strengthen didactics, or support the hosting institution in preparing applications for prestigious grants.

What could be the purpose and length of visit in Poland?

Within the Programme, from 6- to 24-month scientific visits are possible, which aim to: conduct research and/or development work, hold a postdoctoral training, obtain materials for scientific work or publication, or conduct didactic classes at the host centre. Beneficiaries will receive a monthly scholarship of 10,000 PLN and a mobility allowance to cover travel expenses. What is important, they may be accompanied by members of their family, and in the case the Programme participant is a disabled person, by their assistant.

Who is eligible to apply?

The application shall be submitted by an individual scientist who holds a doctoral degree awarded in a country other than Poland, does not hold Polish citizenship (with some exceptions) and has not lived, worked or studied in Poland since at least 2017. As a general rule, the applicant must be employed at a foreign university or in a foreign research institute and be officially invited by the host centre. Applications have to be submitted online by 23rd April 2020 (until 3 pm) in the ICT system of the Agency.

Where can I get more information about the Programme?

Detailed information, including Programme regulations and downloadable documents, can be found here. If you are interested in submitting the application, please contact dr Magdalena Kowalczyk (e-mail: ; phone: + 48 22 390-35-72).


The aim of the Polish Returns Programme is to allow outstanding Polish scientists to return to the country by taking up employment in one of the scientific or research institutions in Poland. It is addressed to those scientists who wish to make use of the knowledge and skills acquired abroad after returning to Poland, by developing their own project group or getting involved in research carried out by existing research teams. Thanks to this Programme, Polish institutions will be able to invite to cooperation specialists with international experience and knowledge in the field of the newest research trends. It is worth adding that the Programme is open to scientists representing all scientific fields.

What kind of activities are funded under the Programme?

Under the project, which can be implemented from 36 to a maximum of 48 months, the remuneration and resettlement for the returning scientist, as well as the remuneration for members of the project group are financed (together with employer costs). Optionally, financing may also cover the adaptation and organization of the workplace and the preparation of research facilities. Importantly, from this year it is also possible to obtain a start grant for basic research funded by the National Science Centre in Poland. The maximum grant amount is 200,000 PLN.

Who is eligible to apply?

Applications for funding may be submitted by entities planning to employ returning scientists, e.g. universities, scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, research institutes operating on the basis of the ARI, international scientific institutes and institutes operating within the Research Network Łukasiewicz. Applications have to be submitted electronically by 23rd April 2020 (3 pm) in the in the ICT system of the Agency.

The ‘returning scientist‘ may be a person who has Polish citizenship, obtained a doctoral degree before 01/01/2017, and also worked abroad for a certain period (see detailed conditions).

Where can I get more information about the Programme?

The Ulam Programme Regulations, downloadable documents and information for applicants are available on NAWA website. Should you need any further information, please contact dr Joanna Rutkowska (e-mail:; phone: + 48 22 390-35-83).