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10 grudnia, 2007 00:00 - 03:00

Bioprocesses for use of waste and by-products

Mr. Tomasz Calikowski, DG RTD,Unit E Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Research, Project/Process Officer
Mr. Maurice Lex, DG RTD E – Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Research, Policy Officer
Prof. dr hab. Jozef Mosiej, Environmental Improvement, Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Warsaw University of

Life Sciences – SGGW
Prof. dr hab. Jacek Nowak, Institute of Food Technology of Plant Origin, August Cieszkowski Agriculture University
Dr Agnieszka Tabernacka, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Profesor dr hab. Aleksandra Skłodowska, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw


10 grudnia, 2007
00:00 - 03:00

Office PolSCA
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