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Webinar on EU Mission: Adaptation to Climate Change – how to become climate resilient by 2030

January 20, 2022 10:00 12:15

The NCBR office in Brussels/BSP and the PolSCA PAN office in Brussels invite you to participate in the webinar “EU mission: Adaptation to Climate Change – how to become climate resilient by 2030”, which will be held on January 20, 2022, 10h00 – 12h15. During the webinar the Mission’s principles will be presented and two discussion panels will take place. The background of the meeting is the Implementation Plan developed by the European Commission and the calls announced under the Horizon Europe programme.

Climate change is taking place all over the world – including Europe – with increasing intensity. Thus, the vulnerability of the planet and people to the threats associated with them increases. Halting all greenhouse gas emissions would still not prevent the climate impacts that are already occurring. These will continue for decades, even if global and European efforts to cut emissions prove effective.

Therefore, the European Commission adopted a new strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change in 2021: it must be done faster, smarter and in a more systemic way; so we need to prevent the un-adaptable and adapt to the un-preventable.

Adapting to the effects of climate change is a key task for Europe, and the input from R&I is essential, both for risk assessment, the social transformation and the solutions. One of the forms of investing in research and innovation for adaptation to climate change is the activity undertaken as part of the European missions under Horizon Europe programme. The Climate Mission aims to help at least 150 regions and communities become climate resilient by 2030. Support is to be carried out in three phases: a) helping regions to better understand, prepare for and manage climate risk; b) Accelerating the transition to climate resilience – supporting and testing innovative solutions; c) application of large-scale system transformation demonstrators.

The meeting will be attended by: representative of the European Commission – John Bell, Deputy Mission Manager, Director for Healthy Planet, DG RTD in the European Commission, who will talk about the main goals and strategy of the Mission Adaptation to the Climate Change, prof. Zbigniew Kundzewicz, member of the Mission Assembly for Adaptation to Climate Change, and experts representing the areas of science, business, innovation and the social party. During two discussion panels, they will talk about the role of research and innovation in shaping transformative plans for climate change adaptation and how to mobilize citizens and private capital to the active role in achieving climate change adaptation. At the end of the meeting there will be a question and answer session with speakers.

Webinar will be held in Polish with an introductory module with John Bell English.

The webinar agenda can be found under the LINK. Register here: Misja “Adaptacja do zmian klimatycznych” (clickmeeting.com)

We invite everyone interested in the European missions to take part in the event.