Position paper on on the Future Framework Programme (FP9)


PolSCA recognizes the outstanding importance of the EU programmes as an example of genuine European cooperation, contributing to greater economic growth, innovativeness and to solving societal challenges. The Future Framework Programme (FP9) should further support these goals. Therefore we are pleased to take part in the public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market and put forward our position paper.

Our main recommendations:

  • To increase the budget of the next Framework Programme,
  • To introduce the participation of partners from the EU 13 Member States as an auxiliary evaluation criterion in cooperation projects,
  • To maintain and further strengthen the ‘widening participation’ instruments,
  • To increase the number of smaller cooperation projects,
  • To decrease the number of instruments and simplify implementation rules,
  • To improve proposal evaluation processes ,
  • To keep the grant system as the basic one for the public science base,
  • To set remuneration rules that are not discouraging to beneficiaries from the EU 13,
  • To strengthen the involvement of researchers from the entire range of SSH,
  • To foster synergies between the Framework Programme and Cohesion policies.

Position paper_FP9_PolSCA